Stratocaster Series Wiring

Here are some switch wiring options I came up with to get some new sounds out of any strat style guitar without making any drastic modifications. Normally in the 2 and 4 positions on a strat the pickups are in parallel and have a thin sound. Series wiring is closer to what a true humbucker is like.

This one is for a 3-way switch, keeping it real simple and just giving you the 3 most useful positions.
You could also use this wiring with a 5-way; the 2 position would be bridge and neck in parallel and the 4 position would be another neck position.
This one is for a 4-way switch. It gives you all the options I think most people would want. Unless you're a bridge humbucker kinda guy in which case you would wire it the same but with the bridge wired like the neck and the neck wired like the bridge.

Another 4-way switch option that makes the strat work more like a 2 humbucker guitar at the two outer positions and 2 single coils in the center positions.

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